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Dr. Lucas Watterson is a true healer and wellness expert that has been on a personal quest to achieve complete personal healing for 18 years.  His intellectual appetite for theology, philosophy and human physiology is never-ending. 

Being born in a small, rural town in western Pennsylvania; Dr. Watterson was the middle of three children.  Unfortunately, he was raised in a home where physical, verbal and mental abuse was frequently experienced.  At the age of 17 and after 19 years of marital discord, his parents finally divorced leaving Dr. Watterson on his own to survive.  It was at this moment that Dr. Watterson abandoned his suicidal thoughts and made a decision that changed his life forever! 

I had determined that there had to be a better way to live and that life did not have to be filled with such dis-ease, torment and darkness.  I pledged to myself that I was going to become whole again and when I had succeeded at my own complete wellness, I was going to become a healer and a teacher.  My mission is to help others return to a complete state of wellness!  My quest for wellness has rewarded me with peak physical fitness, psychological peace, spiritual insight, and a strong social network of peers and mentors.  I am now prepared to help others overcome their personal departure from wellness. 

My journey has included 8 years in the United States Army, a Bachelors degree in biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and my Doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic.  Upon my graduation from Palmer College and studying as an apprentice in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I felt a strong leading to come to West Virginia to fulfill my mission.  In 7 years, I have been blessed to help thousands of people protect and restore their personal wellness!  It is my purpose to help others, with my knowledge of human biology, health, wellness and personal experience, restore their most precious asset…their personal wellness. 

Dr. Watterson enjoys sharing his revelation knowledge, insight, and wisdom with organizations that are interested in achieving greater levels of health, wellness and human expression.  His knowledge is practical, his passion is contagious and his stories are captivating.  If you want a professional speaker that will provide a transformational experience, Dr. Lucas Watterson is a great choice!      

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