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Dr. Tim is a graduate of Clayton College of Natural Health where he graduated with Highest Honors, a minister, and a Certified Traditional Naturopath. His areas of study include a variety of Naturopathic avenues including detoxification, nutrition and disease, mind/body/spirit balance, release techniques, herbology, alternative arthritis therapy, meditation, and light therapy healing practices. His formal education includes Doctor of Naturopathy, Usui Reiki Master, and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

His focus is lifestyle coaching in regards to disease prevention and personal development, individual detoxification programs, and energy modalities. He happily sees clients by appointment and is available for workshops and lecture series on a variety of topics.

He is a Desert Storm Veteran of the United States Army and a joyful father of two.

Dr. Tim provides over 20 years of solution finding experience on topics from natural health to equipment maintenance. His background as an engineer, naturopath, combat veteran, facility director, teacher, and energy healer qualify him to provide the experience of logical problem solving using non-logical methods.

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